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Stafford International Schools runs a leading primary school in Sri Lanka, which aims at helping children develop into confident, active and thoughtful young people well prepared for education and life beyond primary school. We believe we best achieve this by giving them the social skills they need for success, respect for others, a sense of community and understanding of everyone’s role within and outside the school. Hence our school is recognized as one of the best English medium primary schools in Sri Lanka.


Stafford is a safe, supportive environment where children play, learn, experience freedom, and begin to build their character. We have an internationally progressive curriculum that focusses on students discovering solutions to problems whilst stretching their imaginations. We also focus on developing important character skills — such as optimism, gratitude, cultural awareness, and self-control — that lead to success in school and in life.


The curriculum for these classes is designed to provide a well balanced, holistic education, closely conforming to the British curriculum. British textbooks (Key stage 2 and 3) are followed for English, Mathematics, and Science. Teachers specializing in specific subjects areas like languages (Sinhala, Tamil, and French), Speech and Drama, Music, Computing, Art and Craft are assigned to these classes to teach these respective subjects. We uphold the importance of inculcating ethical values in the early formative stages of the growth of a child. Therefore either Religion or Ethics is a compulsory subject up to Year Six, and human values are unobtrusively imparted.

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