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Here at Stafford International School we believe that sports and extra-curricular activities are an integral part of building a child’s character. Through various physical and non-physical activities students are provided opportunities to excel in their chosen field of interest under expert guidance. The school premises house an auditorium, indoor cricket nets, and a basketball court. Since we are located at the heart of Colombo 7, we have access to a plethora of sporting facilities within 5 minutes of the school. This makes our school one of the best international schools in Colombo Sri Lanka for parents who wish to give their children a well balanced education.

The Sports


Sports stimulate physical and mental growth while enabling them to acquire certain soft skills that lie at the very core of child development. Athletics, football, karate, badminton, basketball, mini tennis/tennis, swimming, cricket and chess are some of the sports made available for students of Stafford International School. Stafford Girls’ swimming team was ranked all island 3rd in the Novices swimming championship held in 2019. This was a phenomenal feat for a small school. Stafford also won the under 15 Tennis and under 20 Inter-international school Tennis championships in 2018.

Clubs and Societies


In addition to sports the school also offers a wide range of non-physical activities such as debating and public speaking through clubs such as the Gavel club and Model United Nations. Through the school clubs and societies, students interact with peers from Stafford as well as other schools both in Sri Lanka and around the world thereby widening their scope of learning immensely. The Interact Club, Debating Club, Media Club, Gavel Club, The Social Services Club, Art Club, Scrabble Club, Science Society, Commerce Society, Computer Society and The Healthcare Society are some of the popular choices available at school.

The Arts

We at Stafford believe that teaching drama is ideal for developing what has been called the Four Cs of 21st century skills – critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. Thus, Art and Drama takes a prominent part at Stafford and our Drama Society not only undertakes the performance of a play at the annual concert, they have also participated in competitions such as the CBB Annual Inter-School Drama Competition.

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