2021 June - July Edition

Cultural Lives
The Culture Clubs’ latest event
By Kashia Dias

Our Culture Club, ever-persistent in their goal to understand and explore culture in its many and varied forms, launched their newest project, aptly named “Cultural Lives”.  The project, which kicked off on the 3rd of June, aimed to interview three Sri Lankan 
One Last time; a legacy of Sustained impact
The Interact Club of Stafford International School
By Ramudhi De Silva
2021 was a year that brought many challenges with it, including new waves of the covid-19 pandemic. Yet, the Interact Club of Stafford International School 

Climbing to the top!

The Debating Society and their latest achievements.
By Amaya Perera

The Debating Society of Stafford International School has always been known to be a group fostering some of the brightest individuals in our student population. So here’s what they’ve been up to as of late.

Conservation and Adventure!

The latest club in school, aiding and exploring the natural world
By Kashia Dias

The Conservation and Adventure Club of Stafford-CANDA for short-is focused on changing the environment for the better and spreading awareness among its members while encouraging easy ways to live sustainably. 

The Beacons of May
The Culture Club’s venture to light up Vesak Night
The Buddhist holiday of Vesak was celebrated just last month, and the Culture Club, in the true spirit of their visions, held a Lantern competition. A trademark of this holiday, the students built their own lanterns and finally, we...
Academics in practice
The commerce society bringing subject matter to life
By Amaya Perera
The Commerce Society has been up to a lot this term. Informing our student body of the aspects of doing subjects such as Business, Accounting and Economics, the Commerce Society has garnered quite some interest this term. Their first project was titled “So far and the way forward”. The project was in the form...
The International Awareness Society and it’s efforts to bring about awareness
By Manishee Perera
‘The world around us is burning, a faint whisper of the beautiful vista it had once been.’

Blossoming Future Leaders

The MUN society of Stafford International School
By Ramudhi De Silva

Model United Nations,Academics in practice also known as MUN, is an educational simulation and academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations... 

Taking to the stage once more!

The Drama Club’s upcoming production
By Chithru Gunawardena 

The Drama Club has definitely made many exciting announcements since it was introduced, and recently the club’s president Meth Abeysinghe informed us all that production workshops will start shortly for the upcoming production of “Arabian Nights”. 

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