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Primary School

Our Primary school aims at helping children develop into confident, active and thoughtful young people well prepared for education and life beyond primary school. We believe we best achieve this by giving them the social skills they need for success, respect for others, a sense of community and understanding of everyone’s role within and outside the school.

Secondary School

The move from primary to secondary education can be stressful for any young person. Students’ wellbeing and learning must be maintained as they move on from primary to secondary school. A student’s transition can be complicated by the social, emotional and physiological changes that can negatively impact on his learning.

Visitors to Stafford are always struck by the warmth and friendliness of our community. A distinct family atmosphere prevails across the School, teaching rooms and shared spaces, a sense of togetherness that continues across the sports fields and on our stages. A high staff to pupil ratio, dedicated staff and a nurturing pastoral care system ensure that pupils’ personal wellbeing is paramount; and discipline is maintained through mutual respect. We create a safe and supportive environment that works in genuine partnership with parents and families.

Our Heritage

Best Culture to pave a unique path to the future


We are a school that has a rich and long history that can be traced back to 1986. Stafford International School is one of the pioneers in the international school arena introducing British Curriculum Education into Sri Lanka as far back as 1986.


Stafford Becomes an Approved Center for Cambridge International Examinations.


Stafford International School offers both Cambridge IGCSE and Edexcel IAL Examinations, being an approved center for both exam Boards.

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Trending News

Christmas Party

The psychology club and the interact club organised and hosted the Christmas party for the students of Colombo Center for Special Education on the 4th of December. The students had a bake sale at school, themed ‘Halloween’, to raise funds to sponsor the food, drinks and gifts for the students and staff of the school. […]

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Stafford International School excels in Basketball

Stafford International School participating in a National Basketball tournament for the first time clinched fourth place at the All Island National Basketball Tournament organized by the Sri Lanka Basketball Association.

Read More November 06 2019
Stafford’s Contribution to a timely need

It was a remarkable experience as students of all grades, teachers and the administration responded to the plea in aid of constructing a Cardiac and Critical Care Complex at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital to provide timely, appropriate and the best possible care to all children with heart disease and critical illnesses in every district of […]

Read More March 26 2019
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